Real Estate Resolutions

2017 is just a few days away and there is no better time to start making your resolutions. Whether you are a homeowner, or plan to become one next year, here’s a few real estate resolutions you can add to your list!

1. Schedule a FREE market analysis. Now is a great time to sell in the Queen City! The first step in listing your home is to work with an agent you trust which is why our team at Premier Property Solutions offers a free market analysis that will help you understand how much your home is worth.

2. Buy. Did you know that the average rent payment in Charlotte has increased more than 11% in 2016?! Stop throwing away your money paying off your landlord’s rent and start paying off your dream home. Work with our team of experienced agents that can help you every step of the way.

3. Make an extra payment. If 2017 brings you extra cash, use it to pay off your mortgage! Making extra payments can have a dramatic effect on the amount of your overall mortgage. Any extra cash paid can shorten the amount of time until your mortgage is paid in full.

4. Paint! This is one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve your home. A fresh coat of paint helps your home look clean and updated. Remember, if you do plan on listing your home in the new year, stick to neutral colors that are generally more appealing to potential buyers.

5. Update your curb appeal. Whether it’s taking on a low-cost landscaping makeover or painting your front door, curb appeal matters. Think of the exterior of your home as your first impression. Adding a few colorful plants and scrubs can also help your home stand out from the competition.

No matter what your real estate needs in 2017, we can help you every step of the way! Work with our team of experienced local agents with professional experience you can rely on.


2016 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen. One of the most important rooms in your home and one that often makes (or breaks) a sale for many buyers. From freshly-painted cabinets to organized countertops, here’s a quick recap of some of the hottest trends we saw in kitchen design for 2016.

Farmhouse Features. Classic apron-front sinks are a timeless focal point to any kitchen and they never go out of style! Aside from aesthetics, farmhouse sinks are very practical as they are deep enough to hold large pots and pans.

Soft Colors. Muted, light colors are a great way to highlight the simple beauties of your kitchen. Paint choices from lighter color palettes help kitchens appear bigger and brighter. Choose a paint color that will compliment your countertops, backsplash and, of course, cabinets and your kitchen will be the favorite room in your house!

Organized Spaces. No matter how big your kitchen, 2016 was all about organization! As simple as it sounds, finding a place for everything in your kitchen really helps show off your countertop space…an especially helpful staging tip. Staying organized in the kitchen allows for a quick and easy clean up day after day and your kitchen will never look cluttered.

Grey Cabinets. Already a trendy color choice for other rooms in your home, grey cabinets were a popular pick in 2016. Grey cabinets have all the appeal of the ever-popular white cabinets with a little more edge. With 2017 right around the corner, we’ll see how many of the trends are here to stay!

3 Reasons to Buy Instead of Rent

One of the biggest questions in real estate…should I rent or should I buy? There are, of course, a variety of factors that greatly influence this decision but overall, buying is the way to go especially in the Queen City. In fact, in a recent report by Housingwire, Charlotte is listed at #5 out of #25 for markets with the biggest rent hikes this year! That’s a very scary number for renters and one that’s like to increase as the city continues to grow. If an 11.7% average yearly rent increase isn’t enough to convince you to buy, here are 3 more great reasons you should own a home instead of renting…

1. You build equity every month. Every month when you make a mortgage payment, a portion of your payment reduces the amount that you owe on the home. As you continue you reduce the amount that you owe, your equity in the home increases. This is money well spent as opposed to thrown away on rent.

2. Fixed mortgages won’t go up. This protects you against significant increases in monthly mortgage payments if interest rates rise. Unlike the 11.7% increase in rent this year in the Queen City, you’ll have more stability in your monthly payments.

3. Tax Deductions. This one is big! You can deduct everything from mortgage interest, closing costs and real estate property taxes. In the long run, buying is cheaper than renting. We all need somewhere we can call home so why pay off your landlord’s mortgage with your rent dollars when you could pay off your dream home?!

Cost-Cutting Energy Conservation Tips

Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st but temperatures are starting to drop across the Queen City. If you’ve ever paid a utility bill in your life, then you probably already know that heating and cooling costs are somewhere near the top of the monthly expense list! Luckily, there are some things you can do to help conserve energy and help reduce costs this winter.

Look for air leaks. Check all of your windows and doors for any cracks to help prevent air loss. Using a proper sealant (one that is compatible with your home’s materials) is a cheap and simple way to reduce your monthly energy costs. This small repair will serve as a double bonus in the summer when temperatures reach triple digits and you want to conserve the precious AC!

Use a programmable thermostat. Dialing back the temperature by seven to 10 degrees your normal temperature for 8 hours a day can save about 10 percent a year on costs according to a report done by By using a programmable thermostat, you can create your settings and the beginning of winter and be on your way to saving money.

Maintain your windows. Really, this is a big one especially if you live in an older home. You could be throwing away hundreds of dollars a year if your windows are not sealed properly. Though this can be a costly upgrade, newly designed windows are energy efficient and can help you cut back on your yearly energy costs. Also, new windows can help improve the value of your home!