It’s Inspection Day! Here’s What You Need To Know

You’ve accepted an offer on your home and you have one more (major) obstacle standing in your way…the home inspection! There’s often a lot of anxiety and stress associated with this process for both buyers and sellers but it’s actually a pretty straightforward procedure. Let us help you put your mind at ease by better understanding the home inspection process.

As a seller, a home inspection can sometimes feel a little intrusive but it’s important to check your emotions at the door. A licensed home inspector will preform a detailed visual inspection of your home from top to bottom. He will carefully examine the main components of your home including the foundation, roof and electrical system and provide a detailed report. A home inspector is liable to inspect the areas he has access to without taking things apart so you can stop worrying that you’ll come home to holes in your wall from checking the wiring or that your septic tank will be dug up in the back yard. 

 With that being said, there are certain things that are not usually included with a basic home inspection including features like a swimming pool inspection or a report on environmental hazards in the home like lead or radon. If you are the buyer, be sure to work with your real estate agent to completely understand what will & won’t be inspected and included on the report.

In most cases, the buyer will pay for the inspection and review the report with the inspector directly. Depending on what’s listed on the report, the buyer’s agent can go back to the seller’s agent outlining certain items they’d like to be fixed (or compensated for). This can open up another round of negotiating so close to the finish line but you’ve made it this far!

In the end, a home inspection is simply another part of selling (or buying) a home that few can avoid. Once the terms are excepted by both sides, you’ll be on your way to closing day in no time!


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