New Study Proves Spring is for Selling

Selling season is right around the corner! We’ve always known that spring is one of the best (and most popular) times to list your home but a new Zillow analysis confirms that selling in April or May might actually help you sell quickly and for as much as possible. The analysis reviewed the country’s 25 biggest metro markets and found that in all but five markets, the best time to sell for maximized profit was in April or May.

One of the key factors that plays into this analysis is weather. We know that more people shop for homes when the weather is nice. In fact, markets with noticeable seasonal changes like Charlotte are likely to experience an optimal selling window whereas areas with warmer year-round climates like Miami seem to have more flexibility.

Timing clearly plays a big role in selling your home. Spring tends to bring a lot of anxious buyers who are ready to settle into their new homes. With the next school year on the horizon, buyers might feel exhausted and ready to end their search especially if they’ve been looking prior to spring.

If you are thinking about selling your home, there isn’t a better proven time to do it in the Queen City! Contact one of your agents at Premier Property Solutions today so we can get your house ready in time for our market’s optimal selling window!


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