Support Local: Farm Fresh Carolinas

Charlotte is one of the BEST places to live because of our wonderful community. At Premier Property Solutions, we take pride in the businesses that make up the heart and soul of our great city. We’re excited to put the spotlight on local vendors through our “Support Local” segment that will feature some amazing businesses from around the Queen City.

We’re kicking things off with Farm Fresh Carolinas, a local service that delivers fresh organic and local produce to your front door. Don’t forget to use code “PPS” and enjoy $5 off your first delivery! Here’s more…

About Farm Fresh Carolinas

Farm Fresh Carolinas is excited to begin service in the Greater Charlotte, NC Metro Area.  Our company’s mission is simple; provide fresh local and organic produce directly to homes and offices at an affordable price point.  We can then not only support the local community with jobs, but also allows us to donate the excess food to those in need in the community.

How It Works

Our service offers weekly and every other week options to have Organic produce delivered.  Our customer’s have the option of selecting all vegetables, fruits, or the best of both.  We will select 5-7 vegetables and 4-6 fruits for the week and will pack the deliveries based on 4 different size selections and then have them delivered to your door on your areas delivery day.

How Are We Different

We work to purchase the best quality and in season produce harvested that week.  Unlike other services and CSA’s you often find yourself with items you don’t want or you keep receiving the same items week after week. We always look to the local farming community first but we will additionally source from outside the area in the off growing season to make sure you have a continued variety to your delivery and it allows us to make deliveries year round.

We also utilize a “No Thanks” List in which you can provides us a list of items you would like us to never send and we will make sure you receive an extra portion of an item you do love!  This way you can “Set it and forget it”.  No need to remember to go online and customize your shipment each week.  This is one of the services our busy customers love the most!

Last, but not least we hand select all of the items that go into your box.  Our rule is if it wouldn’t go into our shopping cart, it shouldn’t go to our customers.

For all of those who would like to try out Farm Fresh Carolinas please use code “PPS” for $5 off your first delivery!

Ready to get started or just want to find out more?  Visit us at


5 Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Whether you’re thinking about listing your home for the first time or jumping into the hot Charlotte market, there are lots of real estate terms you’ll hear along the way! Luckily, with the help of our team at Premier Property Solutions, we’ll guide you every step of the way by answering any questions you might have. But, for those of you who like to do your homework, we’ve put together a list of 5 common real estate terms you should know before you dive into the market.

1. Mortgage– simply put, the charging of a property to a creditor as security of a debt (your home) with the understanding that the debt will be repaid in the determined amount of time at the determined rate. Basically, a mortgage is a way to use your home as collateral until you can completely pay it off. Unless you are an all cash buyer, it is a very common practice in real estate to take out a mortgage to pay for your home.

2. Appraisal– an evaluation of a property by a licensed professional to help determine the bank’s lending amount. During an appraisal, the licensed professional will estimate the value of your home based on a variety of factors such as square footage, home improvements, interior/exterior features and comparable homes in your neighborhood. If you are selling your home, your real estate agent might suggest an appraisal to better determine the listing price of your property.

3. Comparable Homes– more commonly known as “comps”, these are recently sold homes in your neighborhood that are used to determine the value of your home. The homes must have a variety of similarities to be considered a comp such as square footage and current condition. Real estate agents will use comps to help determine the best listing price for your home (seller) or, alternatively, to create a solid offer on a potential home (buyer).

4. Inspection– Once you’ve made an offer on a home and it’s been accepted, you’ll need to schedule an inspection. The inspector will evaluate the home’s condition by checking on things like the roof, foundation, HVAC system, electrical wiring and more. The inspection helps the buyer understand the true condition of the house. Once the report is submitted, the buyer will have the opportunity to negotiate repairs and or terms of the contract.

5. Closing Costs– When you purchase your first home, you can expect to pay fees. Closing costs are the fees associated with closing which include attorney and application fees just to name a few. Your real estate agent will be able to determine the exact amount you’ll owe at closing taking all of the guess work out of it!

The list of real estate vocabulary goes on and on for pages, which is why you should rely on the help of a great realtor during the process. We’re here to help you every step of the way so you can do as little or as much homework as you’d like.

Tips For Finding The Right Listing Agent

Deciding to list your home is one of the biggest decisions (and transactions) you’ll probably ever make which is why it is crucial to work with the right agent! We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an agent, so we’ve put together a few tips that will help make the process easier.

1. Treat it like an interview. Remember, your real estate agent is working for you. Think of questions beyond, “How much is my house worth?” and “What is your commission?” to make the most of your initial meeting. Ask about marketing tactics, experience and how often you’ll communicate. It’s important to find an agent that’s a good fit for you…don’t settle!

2. Read their reviews. This is big! Find out what others before you have said about their experience with a particular agent or company. Reviews are a great way to get a fair and accurate understanding of what you can expect. Check out some of our reviews HERE

3. Make sure they’re a full-time agent. When it comes to one of the biggest transactions of your life, you don’t want to work with someone who is carrying a real estate license as a hobby! A full-time agent has extensive and detailed market information and knowledge that can be used to your advantage. You’ll want someone with connections and recommendations to help the process go smoothly. At Premier Property Solutions, we work with a variety of great lenders, attorneys and other professionals to help take the stress out of the home buying/selling process.

We are a dedicated team of experienced agents helping our clients buy, sell and invest in residential real estate in the Charlotte Metro Area. We love meeting new clients and helping to answer all of your important questions. Give us a call today and let us take care of the rest! (704) 964-8718

A New Boundary Plan Proposed Potentially Affecting 75 Area Schools

Last week, Superintendent Ann Clark proposed a rezoning plan aiming to increase diversity and help reduce overcrowding in area schools amongst other goals. If passed by the school board, the changes will take affect in the 2018-19 school year.

When people set out to buy a home, there are a number of personal factors that influence their decision like the obvious layout or style of the the home, its proximity to important amenities and, of course, the local schools. Homes in highly-desirable school districts tend to see a higher demand that can drive up the property value in the neighborhood. Sometimes buyers are even willing to sacrifice certain things on their list to get into the right school.

We understand the importance of being zoned to the right school for your child. As your trusted team of real estate agents, we work to provide you with plenty of information to help make your buying and selling decisions easier. As the CMS boundary plan develops, and holds voting on May 24th, we will continue to monitor the situation to better assist our clients. For more information on the proposed CMS boundary plan, visit the link below provided by CMS. View Plan Here