A New Boundary Plan Proposed Potentially Affecting 75 Area Schools

Last week, Superintendent Ann Clark proposed a rezoning plan aiming to increase diversity and help reduce overcrowding in area schools amongst other goals. If passed by the school board, the changes will take affect in the 2018-19 school year.

When people set out to buy a home, there are a number of personal factors that influence their decision like the obvious layout or style of the the home, its proximity to important amenities and, of course, the local schools. Homes in highly-desirable school districts tend to see a higher demand that can drive up the property value in the neighborhood. Sometimes buyers are even willing to sacrifice certain things on their list to get into the right school.

We understand the importance of being zoned to the right school for your child. As your trusted team of real estate agents, we work to provide you with plenty of information to help make your buying and selling decisions easier. As the CMS boundary plan develops, and holds voting on May 24th, we will continue to monitor the situation to better assist our clients. For more information on the proposed CMS boundary plan, visit the link below provided by CMS. View Plan Here



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