The Best Investment Neighborhoods In Charlotte

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate? If so, the growing population and strong economy make the Charlotte area an attractive choice for those looking to invest their money in real estate. Additionally, one of the most important things to consider when investing is the strength of the local market and Charlotte’s is strong! In fact, the Charlotte Business Journal reviewed thousands of zip codes across the nation to see how Charlotte compares in neighborhood quality. Here are the results…

Eleven neighborhoods in Charlotte received an A grade, 26 neighborhoods received a B, 18 received a C rating, 4 received a D, and 3 an F. Iredell County (28166) received the top grade around the Charlotte area. Following close behind in the A grade are the following communities:

• Waxhaw, Union County • Huntersville, Mecklenburg County • Denver, Lincoln County • Indian Trail, Union County • Monroe, Union County • Rockwell, Rowan County • Kershaw, Lancaster County • Statesville, Iredell County • Ballantyne, Mecklenburg County • Cornelius, Mecklenburg County.

If you’re looking for a smart buy in Charlotte, or the surrounding Charlotte area, we have you covered! We’re here to get you the best value for the best price. Contact us for more info today.

Source: Charlotte Business Journal 

5 Budget-Friendly Upkeep Ideas for Better Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking to touch up the home you love, or you’re ready to prep your home to sell, change is always good! Especially when that change is about making a better first impression with arguably one of your biggest investments. Curb appeal doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out the big bucks; there are so many small projects that pack a big punch. Here are 5 ways you can update the appeal of your home without spending all of your money (or time).

1. Update your house number. Adding a few digits in a fancy font can do wonders for updating your entry way. Not only will it make things easier for the mail man, it will help make your home identifiable from the street in the even of future showings.

2. Paint your door. Make your home stand out with a fresh coat of paint. You’d be surprised but a little paint can go a long way. Feel free to experiment with a pop of color (remember to check your HOA rules, first). Gray houses are using bright blue, white brick is going purple, and white houses are trying yellow. With so many options, we say get fun with it!

3. Make a welcoming entry way. Adding a wreath, a sign, plants, flowers etc. are all great ways to update your entry way on a budget. Head to your local craft store and you’ll find plenty of options to help your home make a great first impression. 4. Maintain your walk way. Even if you don’t have an ideal cookie- cutter walkway, make sure the path to your front door is clearly defined. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank by laying down a cement sidewalk. Play around with DIY stepping stones and pebbles to line your walkway on a budget.

5. Don’t forget the mailbox! Often neglected, an updated mail box can do wonders for your curb appeal. Just like your front door, this project can be as simple as using paint to touch up the colors or adding new calligraphy to the box.

Whatever curb appeal projects you decide to take on, be sure that they help make your home more inviting.

Why It’s Time To Buy In Charlotte

To rent, or to buy? An age-old question and one that should not be taken lightly. Though there are a lot of things to consider when making this big decision, it all comes down to doing the math. After all, something that takes up such a huge chunk of your monthly income deserves some careful consideration. Here are a few things to consider when deciding to rent or buy around the Queen City.

It seems like apartments are popping up around every corner in Charlotte. Everywhere you look, there’s a new complex or apartment building. Many people make the mistake in thinking that renting an apartment is the easy, cheap way to live. However, especially in Charlotte, as the population continues to increase, so does rent.

Charlotte was named the 11th fastest growing city with a 14% increase in population since 2010. That’s why it’s no surprise that rent is climbing, especially in booming neighborhoods, such as South End and Uptown. According to, the average rent is close to $2000 for a two bedroom apartment in South End. That’s a lot of cash!

Additionally, the Charlotte Observer recently reported that rent in Charlotte is going up faster than the national average. According to Apartments List, average rents increased 4.3 percent in Charlotte in June 2017, compared to the same month a year ago which is well above the national average increase of 2.9 percent.

As Charlotte continues to grow, now is a great time to invest! Mortgage rates are incredibly low, with monthly payments coming in sometimes more than half of rental rates. That cost can be even lower if you’re looking in neighborhoods in the surrounding Charlotte cities.

The benefits of owning a house are more than just cost efficient. You’re paying much less money for much more space and you’re putting money into something that is all your own. So, if you’re tired of watching your rent go up and the numbers in your bank account go down, give us a call.