How to Design a Small but Stylish Space

Whether you grew up sharing a room with a sibling, experienced a tight college dorm room, or lived in a fabulous (yet tiny) apartment, you probably know that organizing a small space can sometimes be downright frustrating. However, thanks to the genius of the Internet, designers are beginning to release their secrets for making a small space not only livable, but comfortable. We compiled a few tips and tricks that will help make your small space feel bigger and more organized.

Build from the ground up. If you don’t have a ton of space, but lots of ‘things,’ think up…not out. Add a bank of tall shelves or even an extra bookcase to organize your stuff. Put your items on display and make them part of your home décor.

Hang your drapes high. Professional designers will hang floor length drapes as tall as the crown molding near the ceiling to make the room appear longer. It seems intuitive to only have your curtains hang the length of the window, but that will actually make your space, and the window, seem much smaller.

Think multi-use furniture. The possibilities are endless with furniture today. Many beds also double as drawers and shelves, which are tucked not only under the bed, but in the headboard as well. Think outside the box when purchasing furniture for a small room, how many purposes can your desk, bed, or side table hold?

The more double-duty finds, the better! Mirrors have you seeing double, literally. Hanging a large, yet not chunky, mirror can help double the space of a small room. Not enough wall space in say, a tiny kitchen? Think small! Mirrored backsplash is a great (and incredibly trendy) option.

Utilize the dead space under your stairway. There is so much potential underneath the stairs! While most people use the space as messy storage or leave it completely empty, designers are starting to really utilize the space. Open up the wall and put in drawers, a bookcase, or more shelving. Incorporate baskets from somewhere like The Container Store.

Don’t be afraid of color. You can do a fun color in a small space, just try to stick to a generally neutral tone of said color. Keeping the colors in the same family throughout the house will also make each room feel less choppy.

Laundry room woes? Install an expandable dryer rack on the wall. This saves so much space whether you have a laundry closet, or an entire laundry room. Placing shelves with laundry supplies above or next to your washer and dryer also adheres to our building from the ground up advice.


Helpful Hints for a First Time Buyer

The process of buying a home can be incredibly overwhelming no matter how many times you’ve done it. And, for a first time home buyer, it can feel sometimes feel downright impossible! Luckily, with the help of a great agent and a few tips, you’ll be on your way to buying your dream home in no time!

First off, brush up on your real estate vocabulary. Don’t get too stressed about
memorizing each term. Your real estate agent will be able to guide you. However, many
people find it helpful to understand the process and the terms that go with it. Check out
our guide to some real estate 101 terms 

Once you have a general understanding of the real estate process and terms, it’s
time to get your finances in order. To start, you’ll want to check your credit score to see
what type of financing and loan you qualify for. You’ll also want to organize all of your
assets and debts to figure out your monthly budget. Once you’ve determined these
factors, think about how much you can afford for your down payment. Hint: it doesn’t
always have to be 20%.

These are just a few tips! Have more questions? We’ve got answers! Give us a call today.

Why Fall is the New Spring of Real Estate

The spring and summer months have always been known as the hottest time to buy and sell a home, but now you can add fall to the list, too! Here’s a few reasons why fall is a great time to buy and sell a home in the Queen City.

For starters, many people consider fall to be an off-season. Buyers often pause or completely stop their searches. School starts and the holidays come quickly making for busy schedules. Sometimes this allows for more room for negotiation on both sides. Sellers are often worn out as well. They just spent the last several months exhausting their resources trying to sell which means they could be more willing to negotiate prices now.

Alternatively, this certainly doesn’t mean that homes on the market are summer’s leftovers. Some people are looking to sell in the fall because the timing is right for them. They’re serious about selling and need to leave because of a job, family situation or another pressing reason. Those types of sellers could be more open to negotiations as well.

Finally, it’s one last chance to take advantage of those tax breaks! You can’t escape paying income tax but you can make a dent in what you owe. When it comes to owning a home, there are tax breaks you can claim to help sweeten your return this season.

If you’re looking to buy or sell this season give us a call today and we’ll help you every step of the way!

From Planes to Trains; A Look at Charlotte’s Transportation Improvements

The Charlotte real estate market is booming! Home prices up are up and the job market is strong. It seems like the city’s growth won’t be slowing down anytime soon as resident numbers continue to soar. You might have noticed a variety of ongoing projects, expansions and plans around the city aimed to help improve CLT’s transportation sources. Here’s a look at what’s underway to make transportation to and from the Queen City better for residents and tourists.

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport expansion. With 100,000 daily passengers connecting in CLT, the pressure is on to expand. According to the Charlotte Observer, passengers are up from 28 million in 2005 to 44.9 passengers in 2015! The increasing popularity of our airport is one reason why the 10-year expansion plan is underway at CLT. Among the many additions, there will be a new terminal roadway, expanded lobby, and new gates totaling $2.5 billion.

I-77 Express Lanes Project. As the city continues to grow, so do the suburbs. The I-77 Express Lanes Project will help provide shorten travel times to and from the city from Exit 11 to Exit 36 north of the city. The express lanes are optional and will be tolled so motorists have the power to choose. More lanes will equal less congestion (or at least that is the hope!) For more specific details on the project, check out NCDOT’s website.

Lynx Blue Line Extension. The blue line extension (happening in the Northeast corridor of the city) is a plan that extends service from Ninth Street in Center to the North Davidson (NODA) area. Once completed, the extension will bring new life to Center City and allow people to enjoy all that the area has to offer without needing a car.

Magic Listing Words That Attract A Buyer’s Attention

The Charlotte housing market is booming right now and, as real estate professionals, it’s our job to make our listings stand out. When it comes to a listing, there are certain words that can gain a potential buyer’s attention as well as turn them off. Here are some words you can use in your next lists to help attract buyers as well as ones to stay away from.

Magic Words (positive and intriguing)

Green: Energy efficient homes are one of the top phrases that young buyers look for in a potential home. Be sure to highlight all of the green upgrades and features of the home in your listing…bonus if there are solar panels!

Storage: A key word that helps buyers feel like they’ll be organized in their new home. Storage implies space which is appealing to buyers.

Landscaping: Highlighting outdoor living space could attract buyers with families or those who love to entertain.

Stainless: Any word that denotes quality help move along a sale. Don’t forget about other words like upgraded, updated and remodeled if applicable.

Amenities: Using this word makes the home sound luxurious. From HOA info to pools, tennis courts and club houses, be sure to describe all features and amenities included with the home.

Beautiful: Seems simple but using the word ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ can speed up sales. According to a Zillow article, “lower-priced listings with the word “beautiful” sold for 2.3 percent more on average than expected.”

Kill Sale Words (negative connotation)

Potential: Zillow released this as one of the top words that turns buyers off. Remember, not everyone see the glass half full!

Fixer: Unless they’re employed by HGTV, buyers see this as work. However, there is a specific market out there looking for fixer-uppers especially in Charlotte. Know your audience and sell accordingly.

Unique: It’s probably best to leave this one out because everyone has their own definition of unique especially when it comes to a new home. Think about what you like best about the home and use that a selling point.

Great Places for Apple Picking Around Charlotte

Friday marks the first day of Autumn and with that comes one of our favorite traditional fall activities….apple picking! Fortunately, there are some great places in the surrounding Charlotte area to take the family, a date, or just wander around solo. We’ve gathered some nearby apple orchards so you can head out for some fall fun within the coming weeks.

Windy Hill Orchard is arguably the most well-known. Located in York, South Carolina, the cidery and orchard’s picking season began in August. At Windy Hill, you can grab a cider, apple cider doughnut, and head into the orchards for some good, old fashioned picking.

Carrigan Farms is a beautiful area that offers apple picking beginning in September. It’s located in Moorseville, North Carolina and is the perfect backdrop for those Instagram worthy “picking” pics. For $10 you can pick a half peck of apples. After the orchard, the farm offers haunted tours, hayrides, and areas to picnic.

Apple Hill Orchard is about an hour and a half from Charlotte in Morganton, North Carolina. The orchard offers a variety of apples including gala, arlet, and honeycrisp. They also have apple cider doughnuts. Still hungry? They also have a full bakery. After picking, you can take your treats to the picnic area and set up camp.

Kick Off Football Season With Premier Property Solutions!

Football season is back in the Queen City! Panther’s fans are already celebrating with the first victory of the season of the 49ers and we’re looking forward to many more. Come celebrate with us all season long at our Panther Tailgate Party!

Starting this Sunday, September 17th, we’ll be setting up at 1341 S. Mint Street, conveniently located near all of the excitement of Bank of American Stadium. You’re invited to join us for food, drinks, music, fun, family-friendly activities and raffles for giveaways…Don’t miss out!

We’ll kick off our first tailgate for the Panthers v. Bills game starting at 10am for the 1pm kickoff. Can’t make it this weekend? No problem! Take a look at the schedule and join us for another home game this year. Keep Pounding, Charlotte!

*Please remember to drink and travel responsibly and don’t forget to bring a valid ID*

6 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Though everyone has different ideas of success, there are a few traits and behaviors that successful real estate agents share. From mindset to organization, we’re breaking down 6 habits of today’s top real estate agents.

1. Organization. This one is at the top of the list for a good reason! Being detail oriented is essential in this line of work. Do the plants look nice…did you get the snacks for open house? Successful agents plan their day before it starts so no detail is left out.

2. Communication is key. Network and socialize daily! Opportunities, connections and clients are everywhere if you remember to look for them. Find ways to connect and engage with your target market and don’t forget to take care of past clients. After all, referrals make the world go round.

3. Value your time (and your clients). Don’t let people take advantage of your precious time (and vice versa). What is your time worth? It may help to assign a monetary value and treat each minute like it’s worth that number.

4. Put clients first. In other words, anything that will help them find that house-make it happen. If your clients are unhappy then nothing else matters. Find out their true wants and needs and be sure to provide realistic options so not to disappoint.

5. Respond to leads in a timely manner. The real estate market is very competitive and homes can move quickly. Be sure to develop a system for handling new leads so you can turn your leads into sales.

Charming Southern Neighborhoods in CLT

Charlotte is undoubtedly growing and you’ve probably noticed the modern buildings popping up all over the metro area to sustain such growth. However, even in light of its expansion, Charlotte has been able to maintain its classics southern charm. Certain neighborhoods have really managed to keep their southern charm and fully embrace it! Here’s a list of some of the most charming ‘old south’ neighborhood you’ll find in Charlotte.

Belmont, N.C. is a suburb west of Charlotte. In the heart of Belmont is their Main Street that resembles that encompasses all of the charm of the old south. Their historic downtown was settled in the 1750s and originally became the town of Belmont in 1833. Downtown Belmont was listed on the national register of historic places in 1996. Picture the essence of the quaint old south and you have Belmont, NC.

The town of Davidson, NC was founded around Davidson College in 1835. Outside of the college town, Davidson consisted of small farms and plantations. Today, it is filled with historic brick buildings, like restaurant row, and young families. The town actively works to maintain small-town character and values that it has had since it was founded.

Matthews is a bustling community has a small town vibe but never a lack of things to do. It was settled in the early 1800s and officially became the town of Matthews in the 1870s. A town of farmers, merchants, and railroad stations, Matthews has worked to keep its southern charm. Matthews hosts a year round farmer’s market, food truck Fridays, and their downtown consists of small mom and pop shops.

The Wilmore/South End area is full of charming bungalows and tree lined streets. This area was named by Southern Living one of ‘The South’s Best Comeback Neighborhoods’ and is now an area full of life!

These are only a few of the many quaint suburbs of Charlotte. If southern charm is at the top of your must-have list, then give us a call and we can help!

Online vs. Reality When it Comes to Real Estate

Online shopping is arguably one of the most convenient things about the 21st century!
You can buy clothes, furniture, and groceries without even leaving your couch. And, thanks to websites like Zillow and, you can even get a head start on shopping for a new home when the time comes. Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of online shopping is that sometimes things aren’t always quite as they seem and
the same is true for real estate. Ever find yourself thinking the following?
Expectation: It’s huge!
Reality: Is that a room? Or the bedroom closet…
• Wide lenses, special angles, forced perspectives can all make that master bedroom look
like it was fit for royalty. And that bathroom?! Could have easily fit a family of four online and now you can’t even shut the door.

Tip: to gain more perspective on room size, reach out to the listing agent for dimensions to give you a better perspective.
Expectation: It looks like a brand new home!
Reality: Why is the paint peeling in every single corner of this place!? And what’s that smell…
• Photoshop and editing software can erase the little flaws that might be very important to

Tip: make a list of ‘must-haves’ in your home. If you are looking for a new
construction home or turn-key property, don’t waste your time on older homes and fixer
uppers to help manage your expectations.
Expectation: The neighborhood looks so charming!
Reality: Why is there so much construction? And what’s up with that suspicious vacant lot across the street?
• Looks can certainly be deceiving. Think of it like online dating. The relationship probably won’t work out unless you have in person chemistry.

Tip: work with your agent to do your research before scheduling a showing to make sure the neighborhood works for you  because we all know that real estate is about location, location, location!
Though looking at listings online may be a good start, it’s important to work with an
agent you trust who can help you find the things on your wish list. Remember, agents have connections and resources that aren’t available though a general online search that can better help you land your dream home.